Red WolfWOLF

The red wolf from North America has a range extending from Florida to Texas. The most endangered of the wolf species. The species was declared extinct in the wild in 1980 due to habitat loss and aggressive hunting practices as they were trapped and shot because the wolf was seen as a direct threat to livestock. The last few remaining wolves were taken into captive breeding programs to be re-introduced back into the wild.

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Donate to Red Wolf Coalition - Many levels of donation from US $25.00 up to $1,000.00

Adopt to preserve HABITAT with The Red Wolf Sanctuary - Adopt to help preserve 452 acres of natural habitat. For US $25.00 you can choose from woodland trails, waterway trails, floodplains, prairie and forest.

Adopt a red wolf with The North Carolina Zoological Society - A private non-profit organization. Located in Asheboro. Native African and North America species live in natural habitats scattered through 500 acres of piedmont woodlands. Adopt a ‘wild child’ from US $30.00 shared care to US $1,000 rare care.

Adopt with The Museum of Life and Science - in Durham, NC,USA.
The red wolves that live at the museum are part of the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan (SSP). Their habitat is part of the ‘Explore The Wild’ exhibits. Adoption supports the care and feeding of the red wolves. The Red Wolf Sanctuary. Adoption packs are US$40.00 or $65.00.