Blue Whale


The Blue whale is found in all oceanic open waters except the Arctic.
Endangered status due to commercial whaling since 1868. The hunting of blue whales was banned in 1966 but the species has been very slow to recover.
Other threats include ocean pollution, collision with ships and net
entanglement in large drift nets.

There are 11 species of great whales and 7 are endangered. Since the 1880's many whales species were hunted for their meat,fat,oil, leather. Across the species their recovery has been slow especially as Norway,Japan and Iceland still continue to hunt whales.

Donate or Volunteer with Sea Shepherd Conservation A non- profit organisation whose aim is to stop the slaughter of whales and dolphins and to protect their fragile ecosystems. Their first voyage was in 1978, since then Sea Shepherd has embarked on 200 voyages criss-crossing the oceans using direct action tactics to investigate and document actions on the high seas. Their crews have been arrested in Norway, chased Japanese whalers out of the Pacific and Antarctic oceans, documented pilot whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands, and investigated Norways whale fin meat industry.

Donate to Blue Voice Org. Founded in 2000 by Hardy Jones and Ted Danson, raising awareness about the oceans, exposes harmful levels of toxins in the marine environment. They have investigated dolphin hunting in Peru,dolphin slaughter in Japan, exposed Greenlands corrupt quota of whale meat.Blue Voice has produced award winning films for TV.

Donate,adopt and/or volunteer with Pacific Whale Foundation. Work to protect the ocean through science and advocacy with ongoing marine research, conservation and education programs. The foundation has educated nearly 3.5 million people about marine conservation using non-invasive scientific techniques to collect date about humpback whales. Since 1984 the foundation has photographed and identified more than 6000 individual humpback whales and published 4 books, written various scientific papers about humpback whales in the Pacific.