The Visayan Warty Pig from the West Visayan Islands, Philippines. Critically endangered status due to 98% of deforestation of its habitat caused by clearing land for agriculture. Once found on 6 of the islands now only found on only 2. Endangered also from interbreeding with domestic pigs and illegally hunted for its meat and hunted by local farmers who see the species as a pest.

There is thought to be only 200 wild pigs left in their native habitat in the Philippines, making this species the rarest of the pigs. Conservation programmes have been established to protect the existing wild pig populations with the aim to re-introduce the warty pig back on the islands where they have become extinct.

The following listed zoos around the world have warty pigs in their care and these zoo institutions contribute to support conservation work in the Philippines. This is monitored by The European Endangered Species Programme.

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Donate/adopt a warty pig at Chester Zoo, UK. www.chesterzoo.org. Home to the first warty pig born this year – 2014!. It was the first UK zoo to show the species. Chester Zoo is looking to maintain a genetically viable warty pig population in zoos around Europe.

Donate at Endinburgh Zoo, Scotland. http://www.edinburghzoo.org.uk .The zoo has 2 groups of warty pigs in their care to see.

Donate at Minnesota Zoo, USA. mnzoo.org. The 5th zoo in the world to join in the recovery effects for the warty pig.

Donate/adopt a warty pig at Tampas Lowry Park Zoo, Florida, USA. http://www.lowryparkzoo.com