Tigers are only found in scattered populations from India to South East Asia, Sumatra, China and Russia. Endangered status due to trophy hunting, poaching, the increased trade in tiger skins, habitat loss and illegally killed to cull their bones for use in chinese medicine.

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www.tigertime.info : Spend a vital 10 seconds of your time to help save the tiger…
 Sign up online to TigerTime, the worldwide movement set up by British artist and conservationist David Shepherd CBE to save the tiger in the wild. Shockingly, 96.5% of wild tigers have been slaughtered in the last 100 years. There are only 3,500 tigers left in the wild. Tiger numbers have diminished due to habitat loss by humans, hunting and the continued shooting by trophy hunters and illegal poaching for body parts for Chinese medicines.

If you share the view that losing the tiger is unthinkable, please spend 10 seconds to help this wonderful initiative at www.tigertime.info . All we need is your ‘sign up’. When you have done that, please cut and paste the message into your email program and send it to all your contacts. Every extra signature helps the fight to save the tiger in the wild. If you use any facebook or twitter accounts please spread the word there too..

Adopt a tiger with Care for the Wild International www.careforthewild.org

An international charity that works through safe guarding animals against hunters, poachers and other threats so species can still live in their wild habitats. Adopt ‘Jaspar’ who was confiscated from smugglers in Cambodia. Or adopt ‘Meow’ rescued, chained up in a petrol station in Bangkok. Adopt a tiger pack for 29.00 pounds. And receive an adoption certificate, a soft tiger toy, colour print, stickers, and after 6 months a progress report on your tiger.

Important reading to help tigers. Save the Tigers - petition the Chinese and Japanese governments to make the selling of Tiger bones, Tiger penises and other products, such as Tiger bone pills, capsules and wine illegal.