The Tasmanian Devil from Tasmania is the worlds largest carnivorous marsupial. The species has been seriously effected by the deadly 'devil facial tumour disease' since the mid 1990's. The disease is thought to be caused by low genetic diversity and spread by biting. Unfortunately for the devil the disease has a 100% mortality rate and the devils die within 6 months of contacting the disease.

The Tasmanian Devil is Tasmania's state faunal emblem. The Tasmanian Devil earned its name because of its haunting nocturnal screams.

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Donate to Devil Ark. www.devilark.com.au. Devil Ark is the largest conservation breeding program for Tasmanian Devils on mainland Australia. To prevent further decline of the species due to the highly contagious Devil Facial Tumour Disease, healthy devils are breed away from the population in Tasmania.

Donate to Devil Arks program ‘Fences for devils’. Your gift will help build a fence and expand their habitat to accommodate around 360 tasmanian devils by 2016.

Donate to ‘The Save the Devil Appeal’ - www.tassiedevil.com.au

Money raised is directed in full towards research and management programs globally. The Tasmanian Devil Apeal is also a priority project for the UTAS foundation office in the USA where donations in the US can be made.

Adopt a Tasmanian devil at The Australian Reptile Park and Wildlife Sanctuary - www.reptilepark.com.au. Located at Somersby, less than one hour north of Sydney, Australia.

The sanctuary was established by the late Eric Worrell, Australias first naturalist. Its home to the largest population of devils on mainland Australia.

Here they have successfully breed 20 devil joeys in 2 years. There are 6 different adoption packages to choose from, Aust. $80, $100, $150, $200, $300, $500+ For $80.00 you receive a personalized adoption certificate, nature notes on the species, your name as a thank you on the website and a ticket to the parks annual adoption BBQ.

Donate or volunteer with Conservation Volunteers - www.conservationvolunteers.com.au. Volunteers assist in the erecting of fences to protect the disease free population of Tasmanian devils coming in contact with the diseased devils.

Adopt a Tasmanian devil with Perth Zoo - www.perthzoo.wa.gov.au For $50.00 Aust you received an adoption certificate or $85.00 Aust for one framed.