The Slender Loris is a small noctural primate found in southern India and mainly Sri Lanka. Lives in tropical rainforests. Endangered status due to habitat destructon from tea, rubber and palm oil plantations; also forest fires and pesticide use.

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* Donate to The Zoological Society of London. ZSL have set up the Slender Loris Conservation Programme, where project work is being carried out in Sri Lanka; donation money goes towards establishing corridors of habitat between heavily fragmented forest.

The Zoological Society of London is a charity founded in 1826 and devoted to the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats.

ZSL launched EDGE of Existence programme in 2007. EDGE stands for Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered, species with few close relatives, extremely unique in appearance and lifestyle and facing a real threat of extinction. The Slender Loris is listed at 63 on their top 100 endangered mammals. 65% of priority EDGE mammals receive limited conservation status.

*Donate to EDGE - it funds scientific research in studying species in their natural habitat to best determine effective conservation. This includes involving local communities and stakeholders to help raise awareness for the species and educate locals to protect their natural resources into the future.

*Prosimian is a grouping of animals defined as being primates but are not apes or monkeys. They are the only primates native to Madagascar but also found in Asia and Africa.