The sea otter is endangered due to ongoing habitat degradation, water pollution, entanglement in fishing nets, threats from oil spills, coastal drilling, climate change and illegally hunted for their fur. A quality ecosystem is everything to the survival of the species as they are born in the ocean, live and sleep in the ocean and die in the ocean.

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Donate to The International Otter Survival Fund. Set up 20 years ago to help and protect the 13 otter species worldwide through a combination of science and compassion. IOSF works with local communities throughout the world to educate and encourage the conservation of otters. To raise awareness of the otter fur trade in otter skins.
IOSF have various otter adoptions to choose from. There are standard, family or children adoption packs available, as well as the 'Furget- Me- not' special adoption pack. Adopt Tweedle,Brian, Turk, Fyne or Mazu. See their website for pics and details.

Donate to The Monterey Bay Aquarium at Monterey Bay, California - Your donation will go towards the care and enrichment programs of their 5 sea otters. Kit, Joy, Mae, Maggie and Rosa. All where found stranded and rescued at under five weeks of age.The donation also goes towards supporting childrens education, research and creating inspiring exhibits.

Donate and/or Adopt with Defenders of Wildlife - or Named Americas best wildlife charity. Headquarters in Washington DC. A national non profit organization working to protect habitat, works across international borders and educates and mobilizes the public. Supports public education with Sea Otter awareness week. Works with local communities and the fishing industry. A symbolic adoption of a sea otter for $25.00US. Also adoptions for $45 and $60.00 for a sea otter group. Includes plush toy, adoption certificate, activities sheet and fact sheet.

Adopt with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust -
Adopt ‘Bintang’ an oriental short clawed otter. He shares his waterfall enclosure with Bulan. There are different adoption packages from 36, 120, 660 to 3,000 pounds.