The Leadbeater's possum is a small nocturnal possum from the state of Victoria, Australia. Thought to be extinct and re-discovered in 1961 in Victoria. They live in old growth mountain ash forests in the central highlands of Victoria. Endangered status due to devastating bushfires and logging.

Leadbeater's possum is Victorias state faunal emblem.

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Because of devastating habitat loss with recent bushfires you can help leadbeaters survival by adopting a nest box. You receive a certificate with a nest box number on it; track its progress as the organization conduct annual monitoring of the boxes through Project Possum webpage. Adopt a leadbeater's possum nest box for $150. Aust. at www.leadbeaters.org.au.

In 2014 our volunteers will be helping Leadbeater’s Possum by:

  • Monitoring their populations through “Stag watching” evenings in the forest. We help scientists and land managers keep track of possum populations and habitat conditions in the wild.
  • Assisting with installation of the 98 adopted nest boxes into known Leadbeater's Possum habitat, to add to the 102 that we have already installed and monitor annually. This helps us monitor possum populations and their habitat enhancement needs. We recently applied for and received a 3 year grant to help support us with the adopted nest box program for Leadbeater’s Possum until 2015 and can now ensure that we can meet the demands of installation and monitoring of these specifically designed boxes.
  • Actively engaging with governments to raise awareness of the latest issues relating to Leadbeater’s Possum. Including working to ensure that the laws in place to protect this threatened species are kept current and relevant to ensure that the species will exist in the wild in the future.
  • Providing future habitat through tree planting in known Leadbeater's Possum territories where habitat is declining and forest connectivity is reduced.
  • Fundraising through events, BBQs and merchandise sales to support our projects.
  • Keeping the community aware of the state of Leadbeater’s Possum in the wild, the challenges they face and the way people can help. After all, they are our State Faunal emblem and we can all have a say in how they are treated!
  • See their website for more details.