The polar bear is the worlds largest living land carnivore and predator. Polar bears are found in the Arctic from Canada to Norway, parts of the US, Greenland, Russia and Alaska.

Endangered status due to global warming, the loss of arctic ice is their main threat as polar bears depend on sea ice for hunting seals and breeding. With the breakdown of these ice platforms polar bears are suffering starvation and malnutrition. Extensive hunting of the species in the 1960’s and 70’s pushed the bears to the brink of extinction. Other threats are pollution and hunting and poaching. Oil and gas drilling is also destroying and polluting their fast-dwindling Arctic habitat.

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*Adopt & donate at Polar Bears International www.polarbearsinternational.org. A non profit org dedicated to the conservation of the polar bear and its habitat through research and education. PBI provide information and scientific resources on the species to institutions and the general public worldwide.

Polar bears represent the most visual casualty of climate change and human interference. Take the ‘One Ton Challenge’ with Polar Bears International and read how you can help polar bears by reducing your carbon footprint.

* Adopt with Care for the Wild www.careforthewild.com. An International Charity that works through safe guarding animals against hunters, poachers and other threats so species can still live the their wild habitats.

Adopt ‘Nura’ the polar bear ambassador. Care for the wild has worked with Environment Canada sine 2005 supporting research into the polar bear populations in Western Hudson bay. The organizations provides funds through its polar bear adoptions program.

*Donate to Greenpeace USA. www.projectthinice.org for as little as $20 US a month or make a single donation. This is a good site for more facts about how global warming is affecting the habitat of polar bears.