People Power at the press of a button. Where very click counts. Now you can actively make a difference!.

* Donate, volunteer, plant a tree or buy a gift of a fruit tree at Greenpop is a social enterprise that runs urban greening and re-forestation projects in sub-saharan Africa. They plant trees in communities, schools and deforested areas with the aim of spreading environment awareness. Why trees?. Trees promote life by increasing biodiversity, they produce oxygen, provide homes for animals, replace soil nitrates making soils more fertile to grow plants like fruit trees and vegetables. Trees recharge the groundwater and prevent erosion of the soil.

* Care2. A 14 million strong online community empowering people to lead green and healthy lifes and get involved in campaigns for animal rights, humanitarian and environmental issues. Sign global petitions. Do the 'daily click' - Your free click generates donations from Care 2 sponsors, click once a day every day on a range of issues including feeding a rescued primate, protecting big cat habitat, saving baby seals, feeding pets in need, saving rainforest etc.

* In a few short years has grown to become the largest global web campaigner in history.
It uses the model of internet organizing, eg signing petitions etc, so from one individual click to be rapidly combined into a powerful collective voice.
In June 2010 built the biggest whale saving petition in history, signed by 1.2 million concerned world citizens and delivered directly to key delegates at the International Whale Commission meeting. The result was that the 24 year whaling ban was upheld.
Since 2007 has taken 20 million actions online and off. They have raised 10 million online for human rights and democracy advocates in Burma, Zimbabwe, Tibet, Iran, Haiti and more.
They have organized almost 10,000 rallies, vigils, marches, flashmobs etc.

* A new online advocacy community that brings people power to global decision-making. Causes they cover include: Animal rights - Human rights - Government Transparency - Environment - Global Poverty - Health Care - Sustainable Food .