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Donate to ARKive at A fantastic educational website that works with the best wildlife and conservation photographers and filmmakers to showcase and share the best wildlife imagery. A not for protit initative of the charity Wildscreen whose patron is Sir david Attenborough. Arkive is accessible to anyone to learn more about endangered animals worldwide. It is used in schools, local communities and conservation orgs worldwide.Your donation keeps ARKive growing and free to everyone.

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Voiceless is an independent non-profit think tank dedicated to alleviating the suffering of animals in Australia. Established in 2004 by father and daughter team, Brian Sherman AM and Ondine Sherman, Voiceless:

  • Creates and fosters networks of leading lawyers, politicians and academics to influence law and public policy;
  • Conducts high quality research and analysis of animal industries, exposing legalised cruelty and promoting informed debate;
  • Creates a groundswell for social change by building and fortifying the Australian animal protection movement with select Grants and Prizes; and
  • Informs consumers and empower them to make animal-friendly choices.

Voiceless will bring the institutionalised suffering of animals to the forefront of Australia’s agenda; ensuring that animal protection is the next great social justice movement.Voiceless envisions a world in which animals are treated with respect and compassion.

Voiceless lists of 1st's.

* Hired the first ever full-time Australian animal lawyer and built the first legal team within an Aust. protection org.

* Created the first ever Aust. law lecture series with key international law experts.

* Produced Aust's first comprehensive report on the labelling of animal - derived food products which has been fundamental in highlighting how consumers can influence and positive change for aniamls.

* Formed the first and only network of university societies focused on helping animals.

* Initiated the first and only network of clubs in Australian schools focused on helping animals.