The yellow-eyed penguin from the south island of New Zealand is the most endangered of the penguin species. It is only found along the eastern coastline. It can dive up to 34m, feeds about 2 - 25 km off shore and nests in the thick rugged coastal forest or scrub rather than on the shore line. During the mating season this shy penguin comes ashore, climbing up to 1 kilometre to reach their nesting sites.

Endangered status due to shore-line deforestation and introduced predators preying on penguins and their eggs plus human disturbance of nesting sites and entanglement in fishing nets.

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For more information about the protection of the yellow-eyed penguin go to The Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust - The trust is active in protecting penguins habitat by providing fencing to protect nests from wandering stock, they purchase areas for penguin reserves and plant native trees and scrubs.

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