Painted dog or African wild dog is found in southern and eastern Africa. Endangered status due to habitat fragmentation, accidental snaring, road vehicle deaths, and the dogs are also susceptible to diseases carried by domestic dogs. Public perception of painted dogs showed prejudice and ignorance towards the species which if left unchecked the dogs were in danger of becoming extinct. The dogs are seen as a threat to livestock and they compete for food with other large carnivores such as hyenas and lions.

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Donate to The Painted Dog Org was established by Zoologist Dr Rasmussen in 1992. Today it has a staff of 67, it supports conservation and community education programmes and employs anti – poaching units. A small donation of US $25 buys a pair of boots for a member of the anti-poaching unit. Up to US$5,000 buys 100 flying hours used for vital pack monitoring. Sponsor a local Zimbabwe child to attend The Bush Camp. US$60 will send a child to the Bush Camp for 4 days. The Bush Camp is an intensive education programme for local children. It raises awareness about conservation of the painted dog species by teaching children about the role the dogs play in the ecosystem. Since inception about 4,000 children have attended the camp.