The orangutan from Sumatra and Borneo. Orangutans are the largest tree dwelling mammals in the world, also the slowest breeding mammal/primate on Earth with an interval of 8 years between births. Endangered status primarily due to habitat destruction. In Sumatra over the past 20 years 80% of orangutan habitat has been lost to illegal logging, mining and agriculture conversion for palm oil plantations. Borneo orangutans lost around one third of their population due to forest fires on the island between 1997-8. Also infant orangutans are captured for the illegal pet trade.

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Buy the book ‘Tears in the Jungle’ at www.tearsinthejungle.com RRP $14.95 Aust soft cover and $29.95 hard cover with all profits going to save the orangutans. The book is by Australian teenager Daniel Clarke, the National Youth Ambassador of the Australian Orangutan Project and his younger brother William. Since, 2007 brothers have set themselves a target of $1 million to raise funds for the orangutans. So far they have fundraised $700.000 Aust, and have been able to sponsor 53,000ha of land. This means the habitat is now safeguarded by rangers, preventing illegal logging. In Oct. 2012 both Daniel and William received two Pride of Australia Awards and Peoples Choice Award for their work to save the natural habitat of the orangutan.

Donate at GRASP - Great Ape Survival Project. www.un-grasp.org Your donation helps to protect apes and their habitats. GRASP Focuses on a global strategy by lifting the threat of species distinction faced by wild populations of bonobos, gorillas and orangutans across their ranges in Southeast Asia and equatorial Africa.Projects promote sustainable landuse, conservation of endangered species,the linking of forest corridors, developing responsible tourism and engaging community support to make sure where apes and people interact, that this interaction is positive and sustainable.

On the GRASP website you can read 'Stolen Apes' the first report to analyse the illegal trade in apes lost in the wild (minimum of 22,218) since 2005.

Adopt/donate an orangutan with Orangutan Outreach. www.redapes.org. Founded by Richard Zimmerman, Orangutan Outreach is a New York based non profit organization that has raised over one million dollars US for orangutan conservation. OO also works with the UK international Animal Rescue (IAR) helping to build a new rescue and rehabilitation centre in Ketapang, West Kalimantan. It costs around $3,000 US to rescue, rehabilitate and release each orangutan. Your donation helps the organization continue its work on the ground.

Adopt an orangutan infant with The Australian Orangutan Project - www.orangutan.org.au. Nearly 1000 infants are living in care rescue and rehabilitation centres. Care for these infants is costly requiring 24 hour staff, vet and nurse care. For $55.00 Aust. can help the infants have a chance in life, with the donation going directly to the orangutan care centres in Malaysia and Indonesia. There are 8 infants orangutans to adopt.

Adopt with Care for the Wild International - www.careforthewild.com.An international charity that works through safe guarding animals against hunters, poachers and other threats so species can still live in their wild habitats. They also campaign against animal abuses through educating people to wildlife conservation and provide rehabilitation for rescued animals.

At their Orangutan Foundations care centre in Southern Borneo, orangutans receive treatment, comfort and love. They learn survival skills to be re-introduced to live independently in safe areas of Lamandau Nature reserve.
Adopt for 24.95 pounds for 1 year. Plus P&P. Adopt 'Wenda' Rescued in 2009 aged 1, found locked up in a cage inside a garage. See her photo on Care for the Wild website. Receive an adoption certificate, soft toy, newsletter and a progress report after 6 months.

Adopt with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust - www.durrell.org.
It costs for this not for profit charity over 1000.000 pounds a year to feed the endangered animals, so all contributions are greatly appreciated.
Adopt ‘Jaya’ a 6 year old Sumatran orangutan who weighed only 1.86kgs at birth!. There are 4 different adoption packages available, Bronze for 36 pounds, Silver 120 pounds, Gold for 660. Pounds and Platinum for 3,000 pounds.