A native Australian marsupial, found only in the south-west of Western Australia. Endangered status due to habitat loss, fires and introduced predators such as foxes and dogs. They are found in eucalypt woodlands where there is an abundance of termites and hollow logs.

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Donate to Project Numbat - A donation will go towards raising public awareness about numbats and help with on the ground programs.

Protect a species program with The Wilderness Society - A $20.00 Aust contribution goes towards helping numbats last refuges, the Greater Western Woodlands of Western Australia. This area is the largest intact temperate woodland remaining on earth.

Donate to ‘FAMEThe Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species -
Volunteers have erected hundreds of kilometres of rabbit proof fencing, destroyed feral weeds and planted thousands of native plants all to help endangered animals to survive. FAME have managed to establish numbat populations in protected areas of NSW and South Australia.