MacaqueLion tailed MACAQUE

The lion tailed macaque from the rainforests of the Western Ghats in southern India. One of the smallest and most endangered of the macaque species of monkey. Endangered due to habitat fragmentation due to timber harvesting and agriculture. They are sometimes hunted for their meat and as a source of medicine. Only 1% of their original habitat remains. There may be fewer than 2,500 left in the wild.

Captive populations of the macaque have been established in European and American Zoos with the possibility of re-introduction into the native populations to stop inbreeding. Europes captive breeding program makes up 5% of the entire group of lion tailed macaques left on earth. There are around 400 lion tailed macaques housed in zoos worldwide.

Donate to Vandalur Zoo,India. This zoo is a co-ordinating zoo for the lion tailed macaques conservation breeding programme. The zoo has 25 macaques and three newborns to see.

Donate to Woodland Park Zoo,Seattle,Washington,USA. A world leder in the captive breeding of lion tailed macaques. More than 50 have been born at the zoo and sent around the world to other zoos to increase the gene pool and stop inbreeding.

Donate to World Association of Zoos and 300 memebr zoos from around the world; 50 countries are involved in guiding,encouraging and supporting zoos around the world in promoting environmental education,wildlife conservation,environmental research and the breeding of animals in human care.