The Koala is a marsupial from Australia. The koala was made a protected species in 1937 but no laws are in place to protect the gum trees that they use for food and shelter. Koalas biggest threat is habitat loss from land clearing, bushfires, disease, threats from foxes and dogs and accidental deaths from vehicles. Vehicles are thought to kill about 4,ooo koalas annually.

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Donate to Friends of the Koala www.friendsofthekoala.org This is a non-profit community group run by volunteers in the Northern Rivers of NSW. They operate a 24 hour rescue service for injured, sick and orphaned koalas. A native nursery is attached to the care centre providing koala food trees for free to local landholders. Friends of Koalas are active in promoting koala habitat restoration within this region of NSW. The following koala programs are offered -

Koala supporter packs start at $50.00 Aust. and you can select which koala you may wish to support from the many koalas pictured on their website.

Foster a koala at the Australian Koala Foundation www.savethekoala.com A non-profit and non government organization. It is the worlds largest funding body of koala research. There are 9 koalas and 2 mother and joey koalas to choose from to foster. You can foster a joey or an adult koala for $20 Aust per month. Or foster a mother a joey for $30 Aust per month.

Become a Koala Crusader at Steve Irwins Australia Zoo. http://www.australiazoo.com.au. Research into koala disease is costly and expensive. Become a koala crusader. Australia Zoo need 6,000 generous people to donate $80.00 Aust. to cover research of koala disease over the next 2 years. Get involved today and receive a crusader keyring and certificate for your help.