The green sea turtle is found in tropical and sub-tropical waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Endangered status due to degradation of their marine environment, harvesting of their meat and eggs, disease and accidental death from fisheries by-catch.

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Donate to The Reef HQ Aquarium Turtle Hospital.

The Reef Headquaters Aquarium in Townsville,Queenslane, Australia is the worlds largest living coral reef aquarium, opened in 1987. The Turtle Hospital was opened in 2009. The hospital has rehabilitated over 35 sick and injured marine turtles and a baby dugong. This dedicated team are helping to raise awareness of this endangered marine species through educational programs .The hospital offers daily tours from 12 noon -3 pm.

* Donate to the Sea Turtle Restoration Project at This orgworks to protect the endangered sea turtle and other marine species from the continual threats to their survival on land and in the ocean. With this organization you can adopt a nest of sea turtle hatchlings or buy a raffle ticket to win a trip to Cocos Island, Costa Rica. STRP hosts this annual trip for advanced scuba divers, where they collect data to track sea turtle migrations through the waters between Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands.

* Adopt with This is a satellite tracking program developed in co-operation with the Marine Turtle Research Group. There are 4 turtles from around the world to adopt. A basic adoption pack for $25. US, an enthusiasts Adoption Pack for $50. US and an Animal lover adoption pack for $100 US. You receive an adoption certificate, a sea turtle identification photo, information sheet and a green sea turtle plush toy.

* Adopt with DiveTech at Based in the Cayman Islands. You can adopt and release a one year old turtle from The Cayman Turtle Farm. Divetech will pick up your tagged turtle and release it at Lighthouse Point or Cobalt Coast. For US $1550.00 you will receive a personalized adoption certificate, a photo of your turtle being released and the satisfaction of knowing that you have set a green sea turtle back into its true environment.

CLICK to protect our Coral Sea. www.protectourcoralsea

Protect our Coral Sea is a joint campaign supported by regional, national and international conservation orgs. The Coral sea lies east of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, off Queensland, Australia. Its one of the last places on earth where large numbers of marine species can be found.

Help protect the Coral Sea and make it a safe haven. All it takes is less than 20 seconds of your time. Fill in your postcode on the right of their home page and email your fedral MP. Make a difference today.