The mountain gorilla from the tropical rainforests of south-western Uganda and the border of Uganda, Rwanda and the democratic republic of Congo. Endangered status due to being caught in the crossfire of civil war, hunted for food and the poaching of their infants. They also live in National Parks that are reducing in size as the land is used for farming.

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Adopt with Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International at www.gorillafund.org.
Dian Fossey, a famed scientist, dedicated her life to saving the mountain gorillas of Rwanda. Adopt an Infant gorilla for $50. A confiscated orphaned gorilla for $50. Mother and Infant for $100. Big Silverback for $300. Or you can sponsor an anti-poaching patrol for $650. These gorilla patrols work 7 days a week, offering the gorillas front line protection.

The Bushmeat Project. www.bushmeat.net. This project has been established to support partnerships that will help the people of equatorial Africa to protect the regions unique ecosystems and societies.Their aim is to stop the demand and slaughter of gorillas and bonobos and other endangered species. To educate the people who are involved in the lucrative bushmeat trade. To convert the poachers to conservation protectors by seeking alternative ways to satisfy human needs that drive the trade in wildlife bushmeat. Log on to their website and see how you can help.

*Donate at GRASP - Great Ape Survival Project. www.un-grasp.org Your donation helps to protect apes and their habitats. GRASP Focuses on a global strategy by lifting the threat of species distinction faced by wild populations of bonobos, gorillas and orangutans across their ranges in Southeast Asia and equatorial Africa.Projects promote sustainable landuse, conservation of endangered species,the linking of forest corridors, developing responsible tourism and engaging community support to make sure where apes and people interact, that this interaction is positive and sustainable.

On the GRASP website you can read 'Stolen Apes' the first report to analyse the illegal trade in apes lost in the wild (minimum of 22,218) since 2005.

*Adopt with the Aspinall Foundation. www.adoptagorilla.net Adopt Djeke for 22.50 pounds. This helps feed and protect him whilst living in a protected reserve in the Congo. He is the proud father of 4 baby gorillas. The adoption pack includes a soft toy gorilla, an adoption certificate, world map, fact sheets and car stickers etc.

*Adopt with The Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington DC. USA. www.nationalzoo.si.edu

Choose from many different adoption levels. A popular adoption is $65.00. For your donation you receive a plush gorilla, personalized adoption certificate, fact sheet and colour photo delivered in a custom animal carrier box.

*Adopt with The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust .www.durrell.org Here you can adopt ‘Ya Kwanza’ a 235kg western lowland gorilla. The Durrell Trust spends 100,000 pounds a year to feed the animals, and as its run as a charity, it values your contribution.