Corroboree frog from Australia. These tiny (3cm long) frogs are found only in the sub alpine woodland and heath within the Mt. Kosciusko National Park area of the Snowy Mountains in NSW.

The species is endangered due to its exposure to a chytrid fungus disease which is highly contagious and the infection is always fatal. Endangered also due to climate change and pollutants which affects the snow and alpine rainfall patterns and the ecosystem, also resort development causing habitat destruction. As few as 200 adult frogs are left in the wild.

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*Donate to National Parks and Wildlife Foundation captive breeding and IVF programs - In 2001 the foundation directed funds from its endangered species appeal towards a captive breeding program for Australia's most critically endangered amphibian. Over the last 8 years eggs and adult frogs from the captive breeding program have been released back into the wild.