The endangered baiji dolphin from the Yantze River in China is now re classified as critically endangered after no further sightings of the dolphin since 2006.The species could possibly be the first recorded extinction of a cetacean species directly by human influence.

The baiji dolphins drastic decline started decades earlier as China industrialized and made heavy use of the Yangtze River for transport, fishing and hydroelectricity. The species was also exposed to pollution, building of dams and entanglement in fishing nets. The baiji was made a protected species in 1975, but this has not stopped its rapid decline.

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For more detailed information about the baiji dolphin go to The Edge of Existence Programme - EDGE a global conservation organization that has listed the Baiji dolphin as needing urgent action. It had been acknowledged by many conservation groups as a species in serious decline but little active work is carried out. EDGE is looking at conducting interviews with fisherman along the Yangtze to find out first hand if any baiji survive in the river.

EDGE. Stands for Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered. 2/3 of EDGE mammals listed receive little or no conservation attention. EDGE focuses research on forgotten species so their status is assessed and appropriate programmes implemented. EDGE website : You can donate to EDGE by supporting various programs.

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society is an international not for profit conservation organization dedicated to the worldwide conservation and welfare of whales, dolphins and porpoises, with headquaters in the UK. - Adopt dolphins, orcas and humpbacks or donate to the society.

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