The bumblebee from the Northern Hemisphere. Endangered due to the agricultural use of pesticides, climate change and habitat loss of their wildflower plants. There are 250 species of bumblebee found in the UK,Europe, Asia, North America and parts of South America. Some bumblebees are commercially breed to help pollinate vegetables in green houses.

Bumblebees are extremely important to the ecosystem. They are important pollinators of commercial agricultural crops, such as tomatoes,apples,peas,strawberries,aubergines etc. They help pollinate native wildflowers, helping the flower to reproduce.

The knock-on effect of less bumblebees is that we'd be left to find other ways to pollinate plants making the costs of fruit and vegetables more expensive.

Donate to Bumblebee Conservation Trust at www.bumbleeconservation.org. Established in recognition of declining population numbers. The org has 7,000 members and growing fast. They work to support the conservation of the bee species, help to raise awareness of the many benefits to the ecosystem that bumblebees bring. BCO helps farmers by suggesting simple changes to their farming techniques to help conserve the flowering grasslands. The UK has lost 97% of their flowering rich grasslands since the 1930’s.