The bilby from Australia is a small marsupial, also know as a bandicoot. Endangered status due to introduced predators – feral cats and foxes, drought, accidental death from rabbit traps and fox baits.

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* Adopt a bilby for $50.00 Aust. at The Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Western Australia. The Kanyana Rehab centre is a not-for profit organization dedicated to the welfare and protection of Australias native wildlife. Started by June and Lloyd Butcher in the late 1960’s and run entirely by a team of over 120 volunteers. They rehabilitate injured, sick, displaced and orphaned wildlife. Kanyana runs a bilby breeding program, started in 1996 and eradication techniques were introduced to remove feral animals. Over 100 bilbies have been born there. Noctural tours are run from the centre as many of the WA’s wildlife is nocturnal. The centre also accepts donations and you can volunteer.

* Sponsor/donate to Save the Bilby Fund at Lauched by 2 conservationists Frank Manthey and Peter McRae in 1999 to help stop the steady decline of the native bilby population in Queensland and to secure the long term conservation of the bilby for generations to come. The genetically distinct population was falling prey to feral foxes and cats. Through hundreds of donations and sponsorship they erected a 25 sq km bilby fence at Currawinya Park near Cunnamulla, completed in 2002. Your donation goes towards maintaining and expanding the bilby fence. Money also goes towards active breeding programs, community awareness and education, field research etc.

* The Australian Wildlife Society run a ‘Bilby Project’. Funds donated to the bilby project are put towards a bilby conservation project in the Pilburra region of Western Australia. The society was founded in 1909 to protect and preserve Australia’s unique wildlife. Go to