designs of endangered animals are by Australian artist Pamela Drewitt Smith. In the 1990’s she was asked by the company ‘Valentine Sands’ in Melbourne, Australia if they could use 6 Australian animals from the original Wildthings series to sell on cards nationally and internationally.

After a while the designs were picked up illegally and sold on a range of t-shirts. Pamela says “ friends would tell me that they saw people wearing the t-shirts, and one day I saw one of the animal designs on a t-shirt myself. I thought that’s it, I didn’t license the designs for somebody else to rip off, I’ll do it myself.”

“Now the large USA organization Zazzle produce and distribute the shirts, I control royalties and donate 25% of sales to animal welfare organizations.” Hopefully with increased sales the donation % will also increase.

‘As an artist I feel its my small contribution to use my visual skills to help increase awareness for the worlds endangered species”.

“Now I can unfortunately! increase the endangered WildthingsWorldWide range and use it as a vehicle to help get the message out due to the ever increasing number of animals effected by vanishing habitat, poaching, the illegal trade in animal parts, climate change and numerous other threats to their ongoing survival”

* I would like to thank Jill Vickerman from Western Cape, South Africa, a dedicated conservationist and member of Care2 for alerting me to all things Endangered and needing further exposure in Africa and worldwide.

* I would also like to thank James Howie from Scotland, UK a dedicated activist and Care2 member for exposing through petitions the many abuses of animal rights worldwide and other work.