The aye-aye from Madagascar is the world's largest nocturnal primate. So bizarre looking, the aye-aye is seen by locals as a bad omen and persecuted as a result, especially if it points its long bony middle finger at you! Endangered status also due to habitat destruction.

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*Prosimian is a grouping of animals defined as being primates but are not apes or monkeys. They are the only primates native to Madagascar but also found in Asia and Africa.

See aye-ayes at the following Zoos, they have a pair at each zoo. Bristol Zoo - UK, London Zoo - UK, Paris Zoo - France and Toyko Zoo - Japan.

* Adopt and/or donate with The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. http://www.durrell.org/
Set up 50 years ago in Jersey by the renowned conservationist, Gerald Durrell, to help save the species from extinction. The conservation program works with more than 36 species worldwide.

The trust has set up a breeding program for the endangered Aye-Aye in Jersey, with ongoing research, education and training given to local Malagasy students so they can return home to continue conservation work with their own wildlife.