The Brazilian three-banded armadillo from Brazil. The only armadillo species endemic to Brazil. Endangered status due to habitat destruction from advancing agriculture, deforestation and mining. This armadillo has flexible armour and its natural defence is then to roll its body into a tight ball, which unfortunately makes it vulnerable to being easily picked up. Natural predators to the armadillo are pumas and jaguars.

The three banded armadillo only produces a single offspring a year so populations are very slow to recover. There is no one organization directly involved in the protection of this species. Conservation money needs to be put aside for the species to survive.

The Brazilian three banded armadillo was the 2014 Fifa World Cup mascot. The Brazilian Government has met with scientists to discuss drawing up a much needed conservation plan involving protecting parts of the dry forest habitats that are home to the armadillo.

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Sign this petition to the Brazilian Government to commit to the conservation of this species endemic to Brazil.